Best friends

I stopped fighting my inner demons, we’re on the same side now…

The used tell me there is something wrong with me, now they say I’m Good enough.

They used to say I shouldn’t do/say this, now they say “ok, let’s see what happens”.

They used to be very noisy when I was trying to sleep or meditate, Now they keep quiet and help me concentrate on the task at hand.

They used to say I can’t do it, now they say you HAVE to do it.

They used to tell me to worry about something that has happened before or will maybe happen in the future, now they remind me to be here right now.

They used to tell me I should be doing or thinking something, now they’re happy to just be here with me.

The used to say it’s not good to be alone, now they say they are my best friends and I’ll never be alone again.


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