whatever 5

Friend 2: So, what’s the plan for today?

Bruno: Try to figure out what’s the meaning of life.

Friend 2: Again with that? There’s no meaning to figure out, I told you.

Bruno: So why do we exist? 

Friend 2: For no reason. We just do.

Bruno: I read that the meaning of life was to be happy, and to avoid suffering. And then I read somewhere else it was to prepare for the moment we die.

Friend 2: I’d rather try to be happy than prepare to die.

Bruno: So, why have we reached such a high level of consciousness and awareness if we are not to have a purpose in this life?

Friend 2: Exactly, humans have achieved a self-awareness state in the one they can speculate and try to find the meaning of life. But the fact that you think there’s a meaning of life doesn’t mean there is one. The fact that you look for something doesn’t mean it’s there.

Bruno: So there’s no point in searching for it?

Friend 2: Not really. Probably the meaning of your life is the same meaning of the life of let’s say a plant or a bird, to interrelate and interact with your environment and with other living creatures in the most self-preserving way possible, assuring the continuity of your species and the preservation your habitat.


Bruno: No soul, no afterlife, no reincarnation, no supernatural beings?

Friend 2: Probably not, sorry. Only in your imagination and only as long as your brain is alive to create those stuff in your mind if your brain stops functioning, so will the thoughts you had about the meaning of life. 

Bruno: Ok, so it’s all in my mind. How about the power of mind over matter. If it exists in my mind I can create it in the physical world as well, right?

Friend 2: No, not yet at least, but if you learn to make sure you go tell James Randi, he’ll give you a million dollars and you won’t need to work again.

Bruno: 1.000.000 will generate an interest profit of around 4.000 a month. Maybe I should start working on my psychic abilities.

Friend 2: Yeah, good luck with that! 

Bruno: Whatever…


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