good boy, bad boy

Bruno: OMG, I’m a womanizer!
Friend: No, you’re not. You wish you were, because of Barney Stinson.
Bruno: Ok, you’re right.
Friend: Everyone who watches that show wishes they were as funny and charismatics as he is, the other characters are boring.
Bruno: So you think that guys who are single or in a relationship are boring?
Friend: Pretty much.
Bruno: In kind of makes sense, Barney has more fun than the others, is more detached, he doesn’t need to take things so seriously, so he can make fun of everything and everyone. But Chandler was still funny after he married Monica, right?
Friend: Not as much as before though.
Bruno: That’s because the show got boring after so many years, not just Chandler.
Friend: Anyway, single guys usually lack confidence and the ones who are dating someone, usually look like they have no thrill in their life and no reason to live anymore.
Bruno: Way too much generalization there, I think you’re just pissed because single guys steal your girls and the ones in a relationship don’t hang out with you anymore because they are too busy with their girlfriends.
Friend: Ok. you’re right.
Bruno: Would you ever cheat on your partner?
Friend: Haha, I can’t even get one girl, how do you expect me to get two?
Bruno: Yeah, the first one is tough, but after that you better brace yourself.
Friend: Why do all of them like douchebags?


Bruno: Well, I’m by no means an expert on this things,  but I once read a phrase that goes something like this “every girl wants a bad boy that will be good just for her, and every boy wants a good girl that will be bad just for him”

Friend: True story 😉






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