Whatever 4

Friend 2: And why do you care about the revolution so much?

Bruno: Because I want to have a better life, I don’t want to struggle anymore and I don’t want other people to struggle either.

Friend 2: Struggle is good, it gives you some motivation to start your day. If everything was provided already why would we get up in the morning?

Bruno: Because it’s nice getting up, provided you had enough sleep and a relaxing day ahead of you. If the future looks bleak you don’t feel like getting up, but if there’s an exciting day coming then it’s nice!

Friend 2: So, just relaxing, every day?

Bruno: Yeah, we came to this life to enjoy and have a good time, not to struggle to survive and getting stressed out every day.

Friend 2: And how can you be so sure you know what we came to this life for?

Bruno: Because I know everything, oh, perfect and wonderful Bruno.

Friend 2: Haha, you see, you always tell people what to do, but you don’t know why. 

Bruno: Well, I do my best, and I sincerely want to help people, not imposing my lifestyle on them.

Friend 2: I know, but you have to let them make their own mistakes.

Bruno: I should relax more I know, but I always feel like there’s all this pressure on my shoulders to turn everyone into animal-friendly anarchists.

Friend 2: So, just snap out of it.

Bruno: How to?

Friend 2: Weed.

Bruno: Oh, never thought about it, I’ve been wanted to try that for a while, but haven’t met anyone who does it. I mean where do you even get it? Unless you live in the US or Europe you’re pretty much up for a challenge.

Friend 2: Grow it yourself.

Bruno: Yeah, in my shoes. I mean, how do you even get into that stuff?

Friend 2: Google, how to grow weed.

Bruno: And then what, wait 10 years till it grows?

Friend 2: Pretty much.

Bruno: Any plan B?

Friend 2: Meditation.

Bruno: Yeah, I’m working on that, baby steps though.

Friend 2: So work harder.

Bruno: I should, I mean I will, probably.

Friend 2: Grow a beard.

Bruno: What for?

Friend 2: To relax.

Bruno: I can’t relax, when I grow a beard people expect even more from me. They expect me to be wise and knowledgeable and give them advise.

Friend 2: Well it’s not the beard on the outside that counts, it’s the beard on the inside.

Bruno: That’s fromDexterr.

Friend 2: Whatever

Bruno: !?


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