8 reasons why south korea is my favourite country

#1.  No cops bugging me: Sick and tired in Japan and some European countries that the cops will just stop you for no good reason on the street and ask to see an ID.

#2. No ticket controllers: No need to hide, no need to be paranoid all the time, no need to carry fake ID or run for it when you see them. Because on Seoul’s subways and buses, there are no ticket controllers.
In Seoul, you can just enjoy the ride, without having to think that the police will storm into the train to harass you. You know why people hate cops? Because 70 percent of people are just terrible under pressure! including myself of course. So even if I do have a ticket, I can’t deal with the pressure, of having those guys raiding the train in search of the people that have no tickets. Who (i think) are just normal people like you and me, except that they have no ticket, but for them, are criminal masterminds. And they have to be punished for not being able to afford a train ticket.

But.. wait a minute, we pay taxes every month, shouldn’t that pay for the trains and public transport instead of paying for people to punish you for using it?

#3. Free visa and easy visa run: You know how in most countries after a few months you have to leave the country in order to re-enter to get a new visa and sometimes they don’t let you back in, or you can do it just a finite amount of times. That’s not the case here.

#4. Free shuttle bus, concert tickets, and Korean lessons.

#5. So safe! Unless you had the chance of growing up in a 3rd world country as I did, you probably don’t know what it feels to be mugged at gunpoint, to be afraid you won’t come back home alive, getting beaten up by the police, not being able to trust anyone and always having to watch your back to make sure you’re not being followed.
Well, it’s not pleasant! So I’m very happy that in Korea people don’t have guns, it’s safe to go out at night, there’s not much crime and the police are usually young guys in their 20’s who just finished high-school and present no threat most of the time.

#6. Easily accessible: there are cheap flights and ferries to many countries (and by cheap I mean under 100 dollars)

#7. People: the kindest I’ve met, will expand on some other post, even though my Korean friends say people here are friendly only to foreigners.

#8. Pokemon! Most Korean words sound like Pokemon names. And some people look like Pokemon also. I think.

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