Whatever 3

Friend 2:  What, you don’t like pornhub anymore? Better than those weird 4chan torrents.

Bruno: I don’t care about 4chan, why are we even talking about that?

Friend 2: Why not?

Bruno: That’s not real life, you should get out there and meet some people.

Friend 2: No, you should get out and meet more people.

Bruno: I know enough people already.

Friend 2: No one you can really trust.

Bruno: They are still people.

Friend 2: I’d rather have one close friend than 100 acquaintances.

Bruno: Well you can’t always have everything you want.

Friend 2: Why not?

Bruno: Because it doesn’t work like that.

Friend 2: So, how does it work?

Bruno: Well you get what you get, try to work with it and be happy, without expecting anything else.

Friend 2: That’s a rather conformist attitude.

Bruno: I know, but if we don’t learn to appreciate what we have we will always want more and more and it will never be enough.

Friend 2: You’re saying I shouldn’t be so ambitious?

Bruno: Right, ambition leads to greed, greed leads to hate, hate leads to… suffering.

Friend 2: That’s a line from Yoda.

Bruno: Yeah, I replaced fear with greed.

Friend 2: Clever.

Bruno: I’m also very ambitious.

Friend 2: No, you’re not, you don’t care about anything.

Bruno: I care about some stuff.

Friend 2: Yeah? Like what?

Bruno: Like the animals and stuff.

Friend 2: Yeah, the animals that’s it.

Bruno: Well, it’s something.

Friend 2: Not much though.

Bruno: I care about the revolution.

Friend 2: Still, not much.

Bruno: Whatever.

Friend 2: “Whatever”

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