Christians in Korea

After spending some time in Korea, I started to wonder, why are there so many Christians in Korea, how did they get here, when, why.

Yeah, I know this is a delicate subject and people usually get offended but get over it.

I was very surprised when some people I’ve met, instead of asking me: “Do you have a religion?” or “what’s your religion?” they would ask: “Are you a Christian?

Just assuming everyone’s Christian here, or all the foreigners are Christians.

And even though I know it looks very arrogant, I can’t help but laugh when they ask me that question, it’s a reflex-like reaction for me. Same happens in the Philipines.

I was surprised there also because as a westerner I always saw Christians as descendants or somewhat connected or influenced by the Romans or Jews, or at least Caucasians.

So when I see a Korean or Asian person going crazy about Christianity it looks weird, funny.. but weird!

Ok, so I googled and it seemed that the reason was mainly all the missionaries the US sent after the war, to gain full control over South Korea’s society and economy.

And I came across a comment from a Korean guy on a teaching forum that got me thinking, he wrote: “Christians are the retards of Korea, you talk to them and it’s like there’s something missing.”

So I thought about how many times I talked to someone, and there was something off.

Quite a few, not just in Korea.

And I bet they were thinking the same about me, that there was something weird about me.

We are all so similar and yet we find so many reasons to fight about.

If an alien were to visit our planet, do you think they will notice any difference between you and me?

Probably not.

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