saying thank you (before editing)

Its hard to describe with words what i felt this morning at the clinic when one of my patients, after i finished patching him up, stood up, put his hand on my shoulder, looked at me in the eyes and said:
“thanks for looking after me, and the other patients out there, you guys are doing a great job”

he said that even though, i knew, he was in pain, and had been bleeding out at the waiting room for almost 3 hours while waiting for his turn.
He knew we were doing the best we can, I saw it in his eyes and I appreciate that.

Got the same feeling, sometimes while teaching, after the class some students will say “thank you for your lesson, it was great”
they knew I had spend a long hours preparing it and I looked up the material I knew it would be interesting to them.

or in australia, while driving the bus, it actually meant a lot for me that the passengers went that extra mile (not literally), before getting off, and said “thank you driver”, it made me feel proud of being their driver.

and while I’m cooking at the stall, once a customer said to me “that was a great meal, thanks a lot for that”
he was just being polite, but for me it meant a lot more than that.

a sincereĀ  greatfullness can go a long way into making someone’s day a joyfull one.

so don’t forget to do your best at being polite and giving your best compliment to those that take care of you or make your life easier.

also to those one’s who don’t, specially to those ones who dont, so you can learn forgivness and understanding also.

and while we are at it why not going to indonesia to thank all the sweat factory workers who work
for 2 dolars a day so you can have your nike or branded goods that you dont need, or how about going to africa and thank all the children that work as
slaves to bring you the chocolate or to visit the chinese slaves that ensemble your iphone and all those gadgets.

you are either part of the problem or part of the solution.

you have 2 options

option 1: stop spending money on things you don’t need, stop supporting governemts and corporations in their exploitative agendas and join the local movements agains income inequality

or.. option 2: close this tab, pretend you didn’t read this and move along with your daily routine.

either way, it’s up to you.


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