I usually have problems relaxing, same as most people. I think we all have problems and if we don’t, we just make some up.

Most people’s problems revolve around their jobs, careers, school, studies, money, friends, family, house, the future and the past.

Mines are a bit different, I worry about things that are happening at this same moment in a different place that I consider unfair. I worry about what to do in the future, the meaning of life and my existence. I get puzzled by the universe, global problems, the animals, the environment, overpopulation, lack of food, water and energy, my health, politics, the revolution and much other stuff, I, for some reason, feel like I have to take care of.

And those issues prevent me from relaxing and enjoying the moment.

So, there’s an exercise I like to practice sometimes, it consists of laying in bed for like an hour or more, stretching like a cat, tossing and turning, staring at the ceiling and remind myself that:

– I don’t need to take care of that stuff and if I don’t someone else will.

– I’m still young, handsome, smart and healthy.

– No one really cares much about me, If I just lay in bed the whole day no one would even notice or if I lay in bed the whole year probably no one would care either.

– If I die today it will take at least a few weeks before someone finds out (that’s how important I am).

– I’m still free, to choose the life I want, free to think, say and do whatever I want, go wherever, whenever, or just using that freedom to stay in bed stretching like the cat.

– I don’t need to account myself for anything I do. I don’t need to go to work tomorrow, nor next week nor next year and I don’t need to accomplish or achieve anything anymore.

– I’m not Jack Bauer and there are no terrorist attacks to prevent. Just stretching is ok.

– I’ve done enough already so now it’s time for me to relax!


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