Best friends stick together

During my trips I’ve seen countless stray dogs abandoned by their owners by the side of the road or the outskirts of towns and I was enraged every time I heard the excuses people used to justify abandoning their pets:
– That they have to move or go traveling and it’s difficult to travel with a dog.
– That they don’t have space.
– That they don’t have time.
– They have behaviorar problems.
– Moving to a place that doesn’t allow pets.
– It’s too big now.
– It’s too expensive.
– I call bullshit on all of them. So what if it’s difficult? We don’t stop doing something just because it’s difficult. ‘Difficult’ is how we grow, it’s how we learn things. Life is difficult, relationships are difficult, everything is difficult if we so choose it to be or if we choose to see it that way.
So yes, whether it’s difficult or not you’re right, but you don’t just abandon a living being that adores you and would give their lives for you because it’s ‘difficult’.
Bong Gu 1
– So what if you don’t have space? You just make space or look for a space. You know your dog doesn’t need a lot of space, Bong Gu and I have been homeless for about two years now. We slept outdoors for the most part of 2016 and we never thought it was difficult. It was an experience that’s for sure. Maybe it was difficult but we didn’t notice because we were too busy having the time of our lives.
bongu 6
– So what if you don’t have time? You just make time! I’ve had about 10 jobs since adopting my job and she came with me to each one of them. I know it’s difficult but we find a way because we have to and we want to and it’s well worth the effort.
– They have behavioral problems? So what? Teach them, train them, understand them. Learn to bond and connect with them on their level, educate yourself so you can educate them. It’s difficult? So what? Just do it anyway.
 – Your new place doesn’t allow pets? Well, Just look for a place that DOES allow pets. You wouldn’t abandon your child because your new place doesn’t allow children. 
The way Bong Gu and I go about finding a place to live/eat/sleep/shop etc. Is the following, we go anywhere and ask:
“Can I come in with a little dog?” (To a restaurant/shop)
“Can I stay here with a little dog?” (To a hotel)
“Can you take me with a little dog?” (To the bus/boat/train/taxi/car driver)
So what if they say no? There’s always another restaurant next door, another hotel a block away and another car/bus coming after it.
– So what if it gets big? Animals grow, it just means it will be able to protect you more. It means there is more of him or her to hug and cuddle, it means more love for you.
– It’s expensive? I don’t think so, dogs can eat rice, carrots, potatoes, pumpkin, any kind of meat, and lots of inexpensive grains, tuberculous, beans, fruits, and veggies. Your dog doesn’t really care what it eats, they are adaptable like that, and they’d rather eat little but stay with you than eat a lot but missing you badly.
 If it’s difficult we find a way and we do it anyway.

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