YouTube Channels I like

Training positive:
‘Training Positive’ is the name of a dog training Youtube channel like no other you have seen before. What makes this channel so special is not the accuracy of the information provided but the way it is delivered. The vlogger, tab289 engages it’s audience in a fun, concise, straight to the point fashion like few others in this business can. That, added to the practicality of the information provided make ‘Training Positive’ one of the bests, if not THE best dog training channel on Youtube, but the most engaging aspect of this channel and probably what has earned him more than 200.000 followers and a whopping 23.000.000 views at the time of writing, is the clear, authentic bond between his pet and him. It’s real, it’s magical, it’s something only dog owners can relate to and can guarantee a tear or two are shed while you thought you were just going to watch a video to help you train your dog.
Whether you are a dog owner or not, Tab 289 and his German Shepherd Seleia are a must watch for anyone who enjoys sweet, well structured and didactic videos representing everything dog training should be about. In his own words: “Dog training is about knowing them and connecting with them on their level.” Discipline, understanding, friendship, creativity, and kindness are just some of attributes sure to make you fall in love with them both.
Primitive Technology:
‘I haven’t felt this much harmony in ages’, that was my first thought after watching some of the videos on Youtube channel ‘Primitive Technology’. This groundbreaking channel followed by no less than five and a half million people at the time of writing features basically a guy building stuff from scratch in the Australia’s outback.
Of the five and a half million followers, ‘Primitive Technology’ has earned every one of them by featuring a unique format with the one you will not only learn how to build a tiled roof hut from scratch but you will also abandon the city dwellings to immerse yourself in a world of pristine beauty and raw natural splendor accompanied only by the sounds of the birds, insects, rustling leaves and water streams flowing nearby, that’s the real magic of this channel, 65 videos and not a single word spoken in any of them.
It really can’t get more hands-on than that. Primitive technology leaves aside the ego trip most vloggers get themselves caught on this days to take you on a journey of peacefulness and solitude only he knows how. Allowing you to enjoy the calming, soothing effect of a walk in nature from the comfort of your home and with the click of a button. A rare, harmonious experience that shouldn’t be missed if you’re looking for something real to energize your day with.

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