Evolution of hitchhiking


Shall we use a sign?
Signs are for beginners, we are pros now!
We don’t need one?
When we started hitchhiking we used signs because we were shy, we didn’t know what to do or where to stand and wanted the sign to do the job for us.
And now?
Now we are pros, we don’t need a sign, or a backpack to look like backpackers, or a map to show our driver where we’re going or a compass, nor we need those books and glasses we used to carry around while hitchhiking to pretend we were harmless students.
So what do we need now?
A drink of course.
You mean an alcoholic drink?
Not necessarily, any drink would do it, sometimes even a fruit or vegetable, carrot, and apple especially because they are not messy to eat.
And how to do it now?
Drink in right hand, left thumb up facing the cars you want to stop.
That’s it?
That’s the magic of it you see, same as at a party, the drink conveys the message that you are very relaxed and they should pick you up because you are awesome.
Or drunk.
Either way.

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