About Ariel


Probably no other moment had a greater impact on my life as those 10 seconds when I was walking around the pedestrian street in Rosario, Argentina and saw a familiar face walking towards me.
It was Ariel Gutierrez, he was listening to some song with his headphones but he wasn’t just singing along, he was shouting the song, so loud everyone was staring and creating an opening for him to walk through as they thought he was just some crazy person screaming on the street.
But I knew him, I knew he wasn’t crazy; he was just special, like me.
And he didn’t care that everyone was looking at him or that they thought him crazy. He kept walking and singing and smiling and doing a little dance.
And I thought that’s the person I want to be, I used to admire him.
I thought I want to be happy and sing without caring what others would think.
I want them to know I’m special too and they should open the way for me because I’m also coming through and don’t care if they think me crazy.
I’m coming through anyway.
Note: Ariel Gutierrez was my best friend for a while, someone I would tell everything and trust with my life, then we fought because of some silliness and never saw each other again. He was probably also the reason I stopped eating meat. And I used to have a crush on his sister, who also had a crush on me, but nothing ever happened because I was 17 and scared of talking to girls, and she was also afraid of talking to guys, so we never talked, just blushed and giggled nervously.

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