I can take it

Once, a short time after arriving in Australia, I found myself sleeping in an abandoned car I had found by the side of the road for a few days, not because I didn’t have money, but because I didn’t have money and couldn’t find any better place.

It was not so far from the city, the only catch was that I had to cross the highway to get there, which is, as most hitchhikers know, one of the scariest feelings ever.

It was not as bad as most abandoned cars though, there were a few empty bottles here and there but no one had yet urinated or defecated on it, so it didn’t smell as bad as other abandoned cars I had slept in before.

People who slept in the open know that the worst times are usually between 3 and 5 am, why worse? Because the temperature drops drastically.

So if you’re sleeping in an old car, construction site, park, beach, tent or anywhere outdoors, you’re probably gonna have a bad time at around 3, because the cold just wakes you up, unless you’re in a tropical country of course, in which case you’re gonna wake up because of the mosquitoes.

Hopefully, you’ll have something to keep yourself busy during those hours between 3 and 5 am, something like an mp3 player, a book, a musical instrument, or anything to distract you, anything so that you don’t need to think, you don’t need to think about when did it get this bad.
Where have you failed in life.
What went wrong that.

Unless you are the optimistic type, in which case you can just keep yourself busy nourishing your already oversized ego, you can instead just think of when did it get this good. 
What you owe this great success in life to.
When have you become so independent that you can choose to sleep anywhere.
When have you become so resourceful that you can find places to sleep and food anywhere.
When have you become so reckless that you are not afraid of the police, the thieves, the wild animals, the weather or the lack of supplies?
When did you become so confident that you don’t care what most people would say?

When did you just stop caring?

Unfortunately, I’m not all that positive yet, but someday, hopefully, someday Instead of waking up all freezing and scared saying “oh god why?”, I will wake up like a boss at 3 am and say “Fuck yeah! Bring on the cold, because I-can-take-it”.


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