Friend: Lets go to Lindblum next week?

Bruno: Why next week?

Friend: I don’t know.

Bruno: Why not today?

Friend: Because I can’t be that spontaneous.

Bruno: Why not?

Friend: It’s just not me.

Bruno: But how can I plan something for next week, that’s scary.

Friend: So you are afraid of commitment.

Bruno: It’s not that, but I can’t think that far ahead, and if I say yes now, I’ll probably forget or change my mind, or make other plans, or just start worrying, because it’s like a burden having to think now that I have something to do next week.

Friend: But I live a miserable life so I need something to look forward to, and this trip may just be that one thing that will make the rest of this week feel less miserable.

Bruno: I see, like putting a band-aid on a scar that needs stitches.

Friend: Exactly, this trip will be the temporary solution to all my life problems and dilemmas.

Bruno: That’s so very mature of you.

Friend: So, what do you say? Are you coming?

Bruno: I told you I can go today, but if you want me to go next week, you’re gonna have to ask me next week. Preferably on the same day.

Friend: It looks like we’re never gonna do anything together.

Bruno: Well, not with that attitude.


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