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Tommy, is a aJpanese pop/rock/punk singer I used to be obsessed with some years ago.
Kawase Tomoko, used to be the lead singer of the brilliant green, then went solo, got another band, then went back with the brilliant green. She’s not sooo popular, but most people in Japan would know some of her songs.
First time I heard her songs, I thought they sounded so cute, a new sound, like nothing I had heard before.
I got even more into her after watching some of her concerts, mostly because of her stage presence, she looks just too awkward on stage, like she doesn’t know what she’s doing or like she doesn’t want to be there at all
It’s like she doesn’t care about the audience at all and that’s actually quite awesome, considering most Japanese singers always suck up to their audiences
And some rock singers pretend they don’t care but their body language betrays them and you can tell they actually really care
Tommy has a nice voice but always sings like she’s annoyed and doesn’t really want to sing. It’s strange but that’s also what makes her special. I don’t really know why I like her so much, but I’m am glad I do, because she makes me feel stuff I wouldn’t be able to feel otherwise, endorphin, adrenaline, oxytocin, I don’t know, just that rush you feel when you are in love, makes you invincible
May she be the reason I like older woman? Probably not, as she doesn’t really looks her age and appears to be quite childish and immature.
Or maybe I like her because she looks like she’s got even more issues than me.
Or her attitude, she’s always like “ufff” and i’m like “ufff” and wonder why she’s like “ufff”, then she coughs, sighs and yawns on stage, most times she just looks down and I wonder why she does that.
What is it that’s annoying her so much? Why is she so bored on stage?
Why is she singing if she doesn’t want to sin?
I don’t know but maybe apathy is the new sexy?
Probably not

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