Flash mob

Inmate 1: So, why are you here?

Inmate 2: I killed 8 people

Inmate 1: Crazy! How?

Inmate 2: Headshot.

Inmate 1: But, why?

Inmate 2: Well, it’s complicated, I thought they were zombies.

Inmate 1: And they weren’t?

Inmate 2: They were normal teenagers, it was a zombie flash mob, so they were dressed as zombies and acting up, but they were normal people

Inmate 1: So it was all a big misunderstanding.

Inmate 2: Pretty much.

Inmate 1: The judge didn’t see it that way?

Inmate 2: No, he said I should have known

Inmate 1: He didn’t consider that you’re too old to know what
flash mob even means, or that young people would do those things

Inmate 2: Exactly.

Inmate 1: Have you declared yourself insane?

Inmate 2: No, but I admitted I made a mistake, said it wouldn’t happen again,
but it wasn’t enough for them.

Inmate 1: Not a very forgiving society.

Inmate 2: They believe in punishment, they even want to punish you for
something you didn’t even know was a mistake.

Inmate 1: How could you have known?

Inmate 2: That’s what I said, I was hoping to become a hero or maybe not that, but I was thinking about surviving, you know when you see zombies you start thinking that your species has to survive and if you don’t kill them your species would go extinct.

Inmate 1: Basic biology.

Inmate 2: Yes, it was my self-preserving instinct kicking in and
I was just doing what had to be done to ensure the continuity of my species.

Inmate 1: Our species.

Inmate 2: Flash mobs jeez.

Inmate 1: Pfff…

Inmate 2: How about you? why are you here?

Inmate 1: I killed 6 people.

Inmate 2: Were they zombies too?

Inmate 1: No, they just pissed me off.

Inmate 2: Fair enough.

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