Hiding stuff

Friend: Where’s your stash?

Bruno: I’m not gonna tell you.

Friend: You should.

Bruno: Why?

Friend: Well, during the years that you have been moving around, sometimes you’ve come to accumulate stuff you couldn’t take with you when you left, so they had to be hidden somewhere. You wouldn’t just give them to a friend, because you don’t want to be a burden or trouble other people with your stuff. You know they also have to move around and can’t be carrying your stuff around. You wouldn’t pay a storage room because you don’t have money and most times you are not even sure if you’ll come back to that country. So they have to be hidden somewhere.

Bruno: There may be some stuff here and there, but why would I leave something valuable behind? Why not just selling it and taking the money with me?

Friend: Well maybe you had to leave in a rush and didn’t have time to sell it, maybe they were too bulky or inconvenient to sell, maybe it was something illegal, or something that’s not valuable yet but in 50 years time might. Or maybe it was something that could get you into trouble if you go through customs with it. Knowing you, I wouldn’t be surprised if you had 100 dolars in pennies buried somewhere because you know the price of copper is always on the rise. Or some antiques, somewhere. Maybe it’s like an insurance for when you’re old.

Bruno: But then that would occupy space in my memory, I have to remember the location of the stuff, the location of the key or the password.

Friend: So there’s a key and a password, we’re getting somewhere now.

Bruno: And if I tell someone it wouldn’t be a secret anymore.

Friend: Was it a gym locker?  Was it a chest buried on some beach?

Bruno: Maybe.

Friend: If you die, nobody will find it, ever, because you haven’t told anyone about it.

Bruno: Well, if I die, then I wouldn’t need to worry about it anymore either.

Friend: I think you would hide it in nature, because a man made structure is much more likely to be destroyed, searched or rebuilt, a beach, forest, or rock, on the other hand would probably be there for a while. It should be somewhere near some places you used to live, a familiar location, a place you know better than anyone. A place you’ve walked by hundreds of times. You are always searching for a place to sleep at night in case you need to, a place covered, private. Always searching for the perfect spot to hide something in case you have to.

Bruno: It’s probably just some old books and clothes, you shouldn’t worry about it so much.

Friend: Yeah, you’re right.

Bruno: Or maybe not.

Friend: Damn.


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