Christmas message

Please help me spread an anti-consumerist, anti-capitalist message on this Christmas.

Don’t buy anything.

Recycle gifts.

We all have stuff at home we don’t need.

Give them away as presents on Christmas.

Bake a cake.

Write a letter.

Write a song.

Make your own gifts.

Your friends will appreciate them more because they were made by you instead of a 12 years old Phillipino.

The reason why there are still poor people in the world is that you guys buy lots of stuff you don’t need.

And you never seem to have enough, you always want more and more.

Thus contributing to the capitalist monetary system which fuels income inequality.

And makes sure the rich stay rich, the poor stay poor.

And the ones in the middle, like most people reading this, stay in the middle.

Being slaves of the system and working together with the rich to make sure the poor stay poor.

But, If for whatever reason you need to buy something.

Buy organic so you won’t get sick.

Buy locally, from the small family shop instead than the shopping mall or supermarket.

Buying locally produced products also reduces the carbon footprint caused by shipment.

It’s also a great time to becoming vegan or vegetarian, in order to spare some pain to your fellow animal creatures as well.

And to the environment.

If we all stop using money the system will just collapse by itself.

Making way to something better.


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  1. Hola Bru!!! Gracias por tu targeta navideNa estas lindo en la foto..lo unico que deseo para toda la humanidad es salud cuerpo y mente .reaccion y accion .perdon y amor.

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