About taiwan

Friend: Hey! How’s life in Taiwan?

Bruno: Not bad, not bad at all, you know actually the main reason why I’ve always wanted to come here was that some of the best people I’ve met in my life were originally from here.

Friend: So people are nice there?

Bruno: As nice as they come

Friend: How about the weather?

Bruno: It’s extremely hot of course, but I can adapt.

Friend: I thought you hated the heat.

Bruno: Well, it’s just for a few months, I can manage.

Friend: You know I think I don’t even know where Taiwan is.

Bruno: It’s a tiny island south-east of China.

Friend: Is it part of China?

Bruno: Yes, of course, well..  no, not really, well, yes it is part of China, except that it isn’t.

Friend: What do you mean?

Bruno: It is part of China, except because they have their own language, their own culture, their own currency, their own government, chinese can’t come here without a visa.

Friend: It sounds like it’s not really part of China.

Bruno: Well, you know how politics work (they don’t) so if you ask a Chinese they will say Taiwan is part of China, if you ask a Taiwanese they will say it’s not, it’s a different country, and technically they are both right.

Friend: How is that possible?

Bruno: They made it in a way that it’s part of China and it’s also not part of China.

Friend: I’m getting confused now.

Bruno: Some countries accept it as a country some don’t, so it just depends on who you ask, add some corruption, a few government conspiracies there and you got Taiwan.

Friend: Fair enough, good to hear you like it there though.

Bruno: Yeah, it’s nice to be here.


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