The other face of religion

Spending some time in Taiwan has really changed my view on many many topics like society, politics, religion, etc

Religion here is some mixture of Taoism and Bushism with many gods and temples everywhere, and something like 90% of Taiwanese people believes in some kind of something.

I had the chance to visit many of this temples and seeing people’s faces while they pray usually makes me smile, not in a condescending way, but in a pure and humble one, like when seeing children playing, or cute puppies.

Usually, when they have some trouble in their life they will go to the temple, offer some food or money, light some incense, and say their prayers.

Now there’s nothing strange about that, most Asian countries do something similar, and I’d seen the same countless times in India, Thailand, etc. 

But the way they do it here is special.

There’s such a peace and serenity while they pray, so much devotion and happiness.

In my case, and I assume is the same for most westerners, when we hear the word religion we think terrorism, hate, war, pedophilia, corruption, brainwashing, censorship, racism, homophobia, massacres, bigotry, fanaticism, ignorance, etc.

But when I see people’s faces while praying here in Taiwan, or the monks cleaning and taking care of the temples, I think to myself: this is what religion should be about, well, kind of.


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