Living in the loopwholes

Friend: I don’t understand why you dislike the Christians so much?

Bruno: Because for me being Christian means taking the side of theĀ oppressor.

Friend: You mean the side of the government?

Bruno: Yes, because the governments usually take side with the Christians/Catholics.

Friend: Yes, during the dark ages, now its different, kind of.

Bruno: How come it’s different?

Friend: Let’s just leave it there, so you just don’t like anyone who takes sides or works for the government?

Bruno: I like some, I like the librarians, the ones who clean the parks, the ones who build the bridges and highway, some teachers, some social workers, few other people.

Friend: So why you always complain about the government?

Bruno: Because they make my life just too difficult with all their rules and regulations.

Friend: So you just don’t like rules? If machines were making the rules instead of governments you’ll probably complain about the machines.

Bruno: Probably.

Friend: What rule do you hate the most?

Bruno: Well, every day is different, today is the one that hinders my stay in Taiwan. Because I want to stay in Taiwan and live here, but the Taiwanese government, same as most governments doesn’t want me to live here. And it’s not like if I were in Singapore and I can just take a bus to Malaysia for 20 dolars and get the new visa, a visa run from Taiwan is serious business.

Friend: So why do you live in Taiwan, go back to Europe, no one will kick you out, no visa, no passports, no borders.

Bruno: But the food in Taiwan is just so good. Best food ever.

Friend: So enjoy the food and try to get around the government somehow, there are always so many loopholes everywhere, you know that very well.

Bruno: Fuck that, I’m tired of always having to hide in the loopholes, I would like to get medical insurance, to rent an apartment, to get a job, to go to school, to get an ID.

Friend: Why would you want that?

Bruno: Just to do something different for a change.

Friend: So you always want what you can’t have, when you had all those papers and stuff in Europe you grew sick and tired of them, remember?

Bruno: You know what, you’re right, I’m better off in the loopholes.

Friend: There you go, see, problem solved.

Bruno: That was fast.

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