Whatever 15

Friend: Want to play a game?

Bruno: Always.

Friend: This game is called “greed”.

Bruno: Is it like monopoly?

Friend: Something like that.

Bruno: How to play?

Friend: First you have to start something.

Bruno: Something like what?

Friend: You know, the usual: work, study, travel.

Bruno: Right, the only 3 things a person can do in this life.

Friend: Exactly, doesn’t really matter though, you could start putting together some jigsaw puzzles for all I care, just start doing something.

Bruno: Then what?

Friend: Then you have to let the greed take over your mind, or your soul if that’s what you believe in. If you have chosen to go for material greed, just keep working and working. If you have chosen to go for intellectual greed just keep studying and studying, go for a degree, then masters, Ph.D., whatever, just make sure you are never happy with what you have, and always try to get more and more. If you chose the travel route, keep going to more and more countries, make it an addiction and never content yourself with the places you’ve already been to, seek new experiences, new adventures and try to always go somewhere new. And needless to say, if you went for the puzzles, just keep buying more and more and collecting them, frame them, never be happy with the ones you already have.

Bruno: Sounds fun! And when do I win?

Friend: That’s the fun part, you will never win, the game keeps going on and on until you die. Because it’s not possible to collect all the things, acquire all the knowledge , visit all the places or finish all the jigsaw puzzles.

Bruno: Can’t catch them all? So why playing in the first place?

Friend: Because it’s the hip game to play and all the cool kids are playing it!

Bruno: Sounds  a bit lame though, sure you wanna play?

Friend: Yeah, It’ll be fun, I’ll go get some puzzles.

Bruno: Whatever then, lets play.

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