They deserve your smile

Hitchhiking means conquering the land

it means breaking free from conventional thought

it means starting to think outside the box

realizing there’s a whole world out there

and it’s all yours

realizing things can be different

if you want them to

understanding you have been lied to

understanding things are NOT different in the real world

because there’s no such a thing as the real world

we all live in our own world

the one we believe to be our real world

so actually you have not been lied to

well yes, you have, but not on purpose

they were telling the truth

their truth

they were telling you about their world

because most people live in a world of fear

they are afraid of other people

so they are afraid of hitchhiking

because it involves trusting people

it involves letting yourself go

it involves doing something different

something unexpected

it requires you to challenge yourself

to face your fears

to understand yourself

who you really are

why are you here

and why are you doing this

it requires you to live

to shut down the auto pilot

and take control of the ship

take control of yourself

of your emotions

of your fears

and just get over them

understand that you are a great person

and you deserve to get a ride

the drivers are great people too

and they deserve your company on their way

they deserve your stories

because they’ve come a long way today

they deserve your friendship

they deserve your trust

and overall

they deserve your smile 🙂


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