I read that before 1930 pink was considered a color for boys and blue for girls, and basically, they just changed it after the war.

And after some research, it seems that no one ever really got to any consensus as to what color should represent each gender, because well, you know, they are just colors. 

To be fair there was some research done on monkeys to see which one each gender chose, there were some polls among Caucasians, but in the end, it seemed the decision was purely arbitrary.

I usually like to wear pink, so that creates some misunderstandings sometimes.

Many times I encounter the alpha male or macho kind of guy, and they asked me “why do you wear pink, are you gay?” and sometimes I tell them that I’m confident enough about my sexuality to be able to wear any color I want. Sometimes I tell them, dude, it’s just a color, what’s the big deal? Sometimes, I would tell them that no one told me pink was for girls, and I ask them why is pink for girls or how is it somehow related to girls, or when did this happen or where, of course they wouldn’t know the answer.

But the real reason, of course, is not that I feel confident about my sexuality, I’m not confident about anything in this life.

The real reason is that I just want to piss them off, it’s like an automatic self-defense mechanism, my brain had chose pink as a way to repel people who would think that pink should be worn by girls only, or people who think that somewhere along the way, pink stopped being just a color in order to become a symbol for femininity or something gay people would like.

I’m lucky though that people who think pink is for gays are usually right wing bigoted religious retards, and you don’t find as many of them here, not as many as in the west at least.

But many times I would say, yes, I’m gay, just to piss them off even more, because I kind of really hate homophobes. 

And guess what, all my gay friends don’t really like pink at all!

I understand that color-gender association is no more than a consequence of human evolution and the course its organized society has taken. Which is as usual totally random and at the same time not random at all if you are willing to indefinitely trace back the butterfly effect.

And even though it sounds retarded that pink is for girls and blue is for boys I also understand that the reason why I worry about that is that I have too much free time.

Free time not just to think about the colors, but to bother writing about them, which leads me again the main question: what am I doing with my life?

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