About the pastafarian

Friend: What do you think about the church of the flying spaghetti monster?

Bruno: Nothing, I don’t know.

Friend: You think they are idiots, right?

Bruno: No, why would I think that? Many of my friends belong to that thing.

Friend: But you think they could use some help, right?

Bruno: No, they are just trying to prove their point, I respect that.

Friend: They try to prove they are retarded.

Bruno: No, they want to prove that they can also be witty, clever, sarcastic.

Friend: Yeah, but in the process, they look as retarded as religious people. What’s the point? They are just like anti-Justin Bieber people.

Bruno: What do you mean?

Friend: Well you know actually me, same as many non-north Americans, got to know Justin Bieber thanks to people who criticize him, so many people criticize him that in the end, we felt curious and just look him up on youtube to see what the big fuzz was about. But if it wasn’t for people who complain about him we wouldn’t have gotten to know him in the first place, same with Rebecca Black, Nicki Minaj or any of those people.

Bruno: So you mean this Pastafarians are just hardcore atheist who are actually over-publicizing religion by criticizing it.

Friend: Exactly. 

Bruno: Well, I don’t know what’s the big deal with Justin Bieber, he’s just some silly teenager doing some silly things, and I bet when you were his age you were the same as his.

Friend: Exactly, same with the religions, they are just some silly stories someone made up, why going through all the trouble of creating a whole new religion just to mock them. Why giving it so much importance, if they are so ridiculous as they think they are, why not just ignoring them instead of wasting your time thinking about them?

Bruno: Why not just ignoring Justin Bieber as well.

Friend: Exactly why bother even thinking about them.

Bruno: Tell that to Richard Dawkins.

Friend: Americans…

Bruno: North Americans…

Friend: Pastafarians…

Bruno: Christians…

Friend: Scientology…

Bruno: Justin Bieber…

Friend: Haha

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