Traveling: part 2

So my students ask how much does it costs to travel abroad and visit many countries, but there’s not really an objective answer to that question.
Any country you go to you can spend a million dollars or spend no money at all, it’s up to you.

And it was interesting to learn how each new generation has different goals than the previous ones. and this generation’s dream seems to be to travel around.

Why is that?  Maybe it’s because traveling raises your awareness level somehow, and that makes you happier, to put it very vaguely.

An aesthetic experience, that forces you to be aware of every minute that passes, of every sensation, and gives you the chance of meeting people and seeing different places every day.

Instead of the usual anesthetic experience of our daily routines, where we turn on the autopilot in order to not being aware of what’s going on around us or inside us, not having any new sensation, not having the chance of meeting new people nor seeing different places every day.

I’ve met people who have only 7 to 14 days holidays a year and they spend the other 351 to 359 days thinking or preparing for those holidays.

So, it seems evident that in the society we live on, our freedoms have been taken away, including the freedom to travel, they’ve done that by limiting the resources we have access to, based on the amount of money we have. We are limited to where we can travel throughout the world based on a number of restrictions, borders, immigration laws and the policy of passports. And last but not least, we are limited on the time we have as we’ve been forced to compete for good and services. And trying to make enough money to cover our costs of living + traveling. Which kind of eats up all our time.

And yet, most people think that’s ok and that’s just the way it is, and we shouldn’t do anything about it, because yeah, that’s how it is, you know.

And yet, most people think they are free while struggling to get as much travel time as possible.

So what to do?

Option 1: stay in the system while making the most of it and try to be happy in it. Learn to love what you do instead of doing what you love, train yourself to enjoy every moment a bit more, maybe do something new every day and try to enjoy it and live it as if you were on a lifetime holiday.

Option 2: Find a way out of the system and play by your own rules, you can use phrases like “I’m between jobs” or “I’m taking a gap year.”

Option 3: create a new system that renders the previous one obsolete, for that you gotta make sure you understand what was flawed in the old one to make sure of not making the same mistakes again!

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