What I enjoy the most is making plans and then ditching them, making new ones and ditching them again. It makes me feel flexible, independent, makes me feel cool

I never really liked the word “cool” though, and never really used it, because I hate it when people say they want to hang out with someone who’s cool.

As there’s no such a definition of cool, I found that the only people who define themselves as cool are the douchebags, and they make sure everyone knows they are “cool” and that they hang out only with other “cool people” (other douchebags).

When I was a primary school, my friends and I discovered the word cool, and we were overusing it, because it was one of the few English words we knew, and we thought it made us sound cool.

And in my twenties, I realized that the people who said they were cool, were actually not cool at all.

Because if you’re cool, you don’t need to tell people you’re cool.


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