Create your own reality

Acquaintance: Good morning, how are you today? Can I take your order?

Bruno: yeah, I’d like… Hey, I know this guy!

Acquaintance: Hey Bruno, hisashiburi, how have you been?

Bruno: Not too bad, how have you been?

Acquaintance: I’m alright, can’t complain, what have you been up to?

Bruno: You know, a bit of this, a bit of that, been doing a bit of traveling lately. I didn’t know you worked here.

Acquaintance: Really? Still traveling? Don’t you think it’s time that you settle down?

Bruno: Yes? Why is that?

Acquaintance: I don’t know, just saying.

Bruno: You know, I’ve heard that many times before, from many people, but when I ask them why do they say that, no one could give me a straight answer, they all said the same you just said, that they don’t know why they say that.

Acquaintance: Funny.

Bruno: Actually I know the answer already, but I just want to check if they know it.

Acquaintance: What’s the answer?

Bruno: “Because that’s what’s expected.”

Acquaintance: But don’t you want to find a job, a girlfriend, a place to live, a family, a career?

Bruno: Why would I want that?

Acquaintance: I don’t know.

Bruno: But I just told you

Acquaintance: Because it’s expected.

Bruno: You got it.

Acquaintance: You don’t want to find a job?

Bruno: No, why would I?

Acquaintance: Because it’s expected?

Bruno: Give me something more than that, we’re trying to have a conversation here.

Acquaintance: I don’t know why, to have more money?

Bruno: To have more money, really? Even I don’t like working, I think I could come up with more convincing arguments than that one, like, to feel productive, to boost your self esteem, to keep yourself active, to feel useful, to improve your social skills or interpersonal relationships, to keep yourself busy, to broaden your horizons, to help people, to learn something new, to make new friends.

Acquaintance: Yes, those ones are good too, but we need money to live too, money is important

Bruno: It’s just paper, has no real value.

Acquaintance: You can trade it for things and experiences and freedom and anything you want.

Bruno: Can I trade it for a cat?

Acquaintance: Sure, you can buy a cat also

Bruno: How about one of those new phones with camera on them?

Acquaintance: A camera-phone sure, you can buy one of those also.

Bruno: How about a plate of potato gnocchi with some pesto?

Acquaintance: Yes, you can buy anything you want.

Bruno: Mmm… delicious!

Acquaintance: You can even  buy a rain coat and a train ticket, pay rent, buy Nutella or a Taiwanese visa or a ticket to visit your family in Argentina, you can even give it to people who need it more than you, you can use it to help the animals, you can get calf implants, you can order a Russian wife, you can build the iron man suit, you can clone yourself, you can do whatever you want with it.

Bruno: Whoa, money sounds awesome.

Acquaintance: It is.

Bruno: Where can I get some?

Acquaintance: At the casino of course.

Bruno: And what should I play?

Acquaintance: Whatever, it’s not about what you play, it’s about how you play.

Bruno: So, how should I play?

Acquaintance: Visualize yourself winning. 

Bruno: So I need to imagine that I win and then I’ll win?

Acquaintance: Yes kind of, but it’s not about imagination, is about belief, you have to convince yourself that you have won already. Like some people convince themselves that there’s a god, that their partners love them or that the world leaders are reptiles in disguise.

Bruno: How’s that possible? How does it work?

Acquaintance: It’s science, it’s quantum physics.

Bruno: No, it’s not and you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Acquaintance: You’re right, but if I tell you it’s science you will believe it and then it will work, if I tell you is magic or destiny you will reject the idea and it won’t work. The truth is that I don’t know how it works I just know it does.

Bruno: Fair enough, so how can I convince myself that I won already?

Acquaintance: Meditation, of course, train yourself to believe whatever you want to believe and believe it in a way that it becomes your reality.

Bruno: Like that book “the secret” or “what the bleep do we know” that everyone thinks is a hoax.

Acquaintance: Exactly.

Bruno: Alright then, I’ll give it a try, it was nice seeing you and thanks for the advice.

Acquaintance: No worries, would you like some fries with that?

Bruno: Sure, why not.


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