About food

Girl: So.. what’s your favorite food?
Bruno: I like cheap food.
Girl: Haha, why is that?
Bruno: Because it tastes like freedom.
Girl: What do you mean?
Bruno: It tastes good, it tastes like freedom.
Girl: And how does freedom tastes like?
Bruno: I’ll explain, if food is cheap that means I can buy or get more of it, we transform the food into energy, so cheap food means I get more energy, which means I get to stay alive a bit longer and can maybe use that energy to do something I like. If the food is pricey I will get less of it, less energy means less time to live.
Girl: Like that movie “In time”.
Bruno: Exactly, except that instead of buying time we need to buy food. Therefore, free food = free energy = free time.
Girl: Makes sense, but cheap food doesn’t taste as good as the pricey one.
Bruno: Why not?
Girl: Because it’s cheap.
Bruno: How can the price influence the taste?
Girl: I don’t know maybe they use more ingredients or something.
Bruno: Maybe it’s the same food, and the only difference is the price.
Girl: So why does it taste better for me?
Bruno: For the same reason the cheap food tastes better for me.
Girl: Because of what it represents for us.
Bruno: Exactly.
Girl: So for you, cheap food represents freedom, for me expensive food represents that I am now somehow financially successful in life and can afford things I couldn’t before.
Bruno: Exactly, so actually, for you, it represents freedom as well, because now you are free to choose whatever you want to eat, without having to worry about the price.
Girl: Funny.
Bruno: So actually, you and I are more similar then we think.
Girl: We have to learn to appreciate those similarities and learn from our differences.
Bruno: Well said, I’ll think of that from now on.
Girl: Me too.
Bruno: I’m still in the friendzone, right?
Girl: Yep.

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