Whatever 6

Friend: Why do you want to end world poverty and income inequality? Some people are rich, some are poor, that’s just the way it is.
Bruno: I want? No, this is not about what I want or I don’t want, it’s about doing the right thing. It’s about what has to be done.
Friend: But I like having more than the rest, that way I have no stress, don’t need to work, can live a comfortable life, and all that thanks to my country’s government who promote and enforce this income inequality you don’t like.
Bruno: It’s not about what I like or don’t like, it’s just the right thing to do!!!

Friend: And who are you to say what’s right or wrong?
Bruno: I’m just a man, with all my flaws and all my goodness, just a man. Who doesn’t accept that billions suffer because of the greed of hundreds.
Friend: We live in complex times, things are not just black and white.
Bruno: It’s easy to say that with a full stomach and a roof over your head.
Friend: Well, you’re on your own on this, what are you gonna do?
Bruno: I’m not on my own, and everything’s done already, half of it at least, the guys from  the venus project found all the solutions to all the problems, war, poverty, crimes, hunger, everything’s solved in theory.
Friend: Theory won’t feed people.
Bruno: It’s a start.
Friend: How about the practice?
Bruno: We are working on that.
Friend: How? by standing on the street with a sing or signing online petitions.
Bruno: No, when we run out of resources everyone will understand that there’s something wrong and the system is not working if enough people stop supporting it, will collapse by itself and then we can build something better, something that actually works for everyone and not for a few. Then we can implement the ideas of the venus project
Friend: People already ran out of resources in many countries a while ago, did anything change? did they stop supporting the system?
Bruno: Not yet but they will.
Friend: You know what they did in Africa to justify the genocides, plagues, and famine, they build churches and told people the reason why they die and are poor is because of God’s plan so they won’t complain or look for a solution.
Bruno: I couldn’t say, I’ve never been the Africa, but what I do know is that when people have no education they are easy to manipulate, control the educational system or better yet, get rid of it and you can mold and control people’s minds. Control education and you will have slaves for life, who will never dare to question the system or your decisions. They will say “that’s God’s plan” or “that’s just the way it is”.
Friend: Thanks for the tip.
Bruno: My pleasure.
Friend: Things are never gonna change.
Bruno: Not with that attitude for sure.
Friend: There can’t be good without evil, can’t be light without darkness. Darkness gives meaning to light.
Bruno: That could be true in the case that we didn’t know what light was and we only knew darkness, but in our case, we know both already so we can choose one.
Friend: I don’t want to choose.
Bruno: By not choosing one you are already choosing.
Friend: I’m not, this is not my problem.
Bruno: Ok, so when they can’t farm the land, breathe the air and drink the water anymore, you will be the one to explain to future generations that it was good for the economy. And that you chose not to choose.
Friend: Whatever.
Bruno: Yeah, “whatever”.

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