Midnight humor

Boy: So, how did you guys meet each other?

Bruno: In Japan  couple of years ago.

Boy:  Oh, cool, what were you doing in Japan?

Bruno: Not much, just relaxing.

Boy: Just relaxing? Not working or studying?

Girl: I love it when you say “just relaxing” so casually.

Boy: Relaxing in Japan? What are you rich? 

Bruno: Yeah, I’m rich.

Boy: Lucky you!

Bruno: Lucky me!

Boy: Japan is expensive.

Bruno: Really? have you ever been there?

Boy: No, I just heard it’s expensive.

Bruno: Right..

Boy: Can I ask why do you have holes in your shoes if you are rich?

Bruno: Well, here’s the thing, I’m rich intellectually not monetarily.

Boy: And you said you just came by hitchhiking from 2.000 km away, that’s insane! you must be really broke.

Girl: Well, that we would do it anyway, even if we were rich, because of the experience. I’m pretty sure most hitchhikers do it mostly for the experience than to save money, for the thrill of it, the randomness, the adventure, the sensation of freedom, the landscapes, the awesome people you meet, same as with Couchsurfing.

Boy: But, isn’t that dangerous?

Bruno: Do you think so? have you tried it?

Boy: No, I just heard it’s dangerous.

Bruno: Right..

Boy: I would never pick up a stranger, or let a stranger stay at my place for free.

Girl: Actually that’s the best thing about hitchhiking, that all the assholes drive by, so we only get the nice people. 

Bruno: I can’t believe you just said that.

Girl: Well it’s the truth because people who are fearful or don’t trust others would never pick you up, the only ones who stop for us are are the ones who have the ability to feel compassion towards someone in need.

Bruno: Yeah, that’s the thing they are fearful because they have been brainwashed by the government and the media, but that doesn’t mean they are assholes. It just means that their perception of the world around them has been carefully manipulated and they have replaced their altruism for greed and their compassion for selfishness.

Girl: Yeah, for you everything’s a conspiracy always.

Boy: But, how can you guys support your travels if you’re poor?

Girl: Well, there’s the thing, we’re not really traveling, we are living. So we don’t need to support our travels, we need to support our life.

Boy: So, how can you support your life?

Bruno: That’s a hard one, I’m not really sure how it works out, I just know it does. I think, living a modest life may be a good answer to that question. Not craving things we don’t need. And trying to keep it simple. Maybe the most important thing for me is being flexible and knowing how to improvise. Being positive helps of course, and there’s the statistical factor also. For example, let’s say I’m completely broke and just about to hit the streets with a sign reading “will work for food”. Before that I may want to try my luck at some social event, there are tons every day on meetup.com and Couchsurfing. If you talk to let’s say 10 or 20 people and tell them you are looking for a job, chances are that someone knows someone who knows someone and can help you out.

Boy: That makes sense.

Bruno: No, it doesn’t, we’ve been pulling your leg.

Girl: Just a little midnight humor before going to bed.

Boy: Midnight humor.. I see.. well good night then, see you guys tomorrow.

Bruno: Night! 

Girl: Have a good night.


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