You’re gonna hate yourself for it

And there I was, floating invisibly above them, contemplating my younger self, who was giggling shyly while the girl sitting next to him was awkwardly waiting for him to make a move on her.

She said her aunt was away and invited him over. She took him to her room, sat on the bed next to him and he just sat there trying to make small talk. It’s not like it was his first time, it’s not like he was seeing anyone else, it’s not like he didn’t see the signs, and they had known each other for a few months so it’s not like he wanted to get to know her more.

So why didn’t he make a move on her?

Back in his mind, he thought she was just too pretty and he wasn’t good enough for her. You know that moment when a girl is just so cute, that you think she’s way out of your league so you auto-friendzone yourself from the start.

It’s been many years now, but if I were there I would slap myself and say “dude! snap out of it, she’s just a normal girl, she’s your age and she likes you. She’s not perfect, nobody is, and she’s just as nervous as you are. She’s not gonna make a move, that would make her look cheap, but she invited you over and gave you all the signs you need to feel confident you won’t get rejected. The time is now, there’s not gonna be a second chance, if you don’t do anything, you’re gonna regret it, and on the 3rd of February of 2012 at 12.52 am, you’re gonna hate yourself for it”.

Categories: existentialism, life

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