looking for some answers

Clerk: What can I get you?

Bruno: Yeah, I’m looking for some answers.

Clerk: Sorry mate, we run out of answers last week, have you tried the shop in Travia?

Bruno: Yeah, I just came from there, out of stock also.

Clerk: How about the one in FH?

Bruno: Called them, they told me to drop by here.

Clerk: Balamb?

Bruno: Closed during winter holidays.

Clerk: Is there something else we can offer you? We have a full stock of questions on sale.

Bruno: Yeah, more questions, just what I need…

Clerk: We could order some answers for you but they may take a while.

Bruno: I don’t have much time.

Clerk: I heard someone in Esthar City had some, but that’s all I know.

Bruno: Esthat, uh?

Clerk: Yeah, not the nicest place to go looking for answers, I know. But it may be your only shot.

Bruno: I see. That’d be everything then, thanks for your help.

Clerk: Yeah, good luck.

Bruno: *sigh* I don’t want to go Esthar…


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