Ready to die

I”m ready to die.

It’s hard to say that! Well not really, not for me, but it’s hard to imagine the reaction other people will have when they read those words.

For most people I know, death is still something super taboo. Nobody wants to talk about it.

And the reaction they have in western culture is still quite retarded.

Instead of seeing it as a part of life they see it as a devastating catastrophe and a reason to cry and get depressed about.

In my case, I was already ready to die when I stooped having medical insurance (or resources to pay for medical treatment) back in 2007. And (in my mind) I became a person with nothing to lose.

A person that can take on the world without worrying about its own safety.

And while getting rid of the 2 most popular fears among people (fear of dying or getting sick and fear of having no money or having to live on the streets), I got not much left to worry about.

I’ve already lived with no money, slept in the streets and found my food in the garbage, I’ve already felt cold, rejected and lonely.

And on the other hand, I felt so many nice things sometimes also, I felt loved, felt free, felt happy and in harmony with the universe and with myself.

and I achieved a state of consciousness in the one I can value my life, appreciate it and try to enjoy every day while at the same time,  willing to die or to accept my faith as it is.

I went to all the places I wanted to go and did everything I wanted to do.

So what’s left? either relaxing and enjoying the rest or sacrificing for a cause I consider fair.

It’s illegal for foreigners to engage in any kind of political activity in Korea, so when I was going to the protest most times I knew I could die or get thrown into jail and tortured for life as a political prisoner or something.

But I thought wtf, this is the right thing to do, so bring on the water cannon!

If they kill me, well, they kill a person, but they can’t kill an idea, they cant kill an idea whose time has come 🙂

I was lucky that nothing serious ever happened to me so I can be writing this now.

But I should warn my family and friends that things are about to get serious: global crisis, revolution and maybe even some paranormal stuff.

And I’m not just going to sit at home and ignore it. so you have to be prepared to accept that I’m not gonna be around forever and that the current global issues may require for some of us to make some sacrifices.

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