Get more done as an INTP (or at least get something done)

Got another brilliant idea you know you’re too lazy to complete or even start? This post is for you.  

Yes, shiny object syndrome is a thing, and if you’re anything like me, you probably get about 20 to 30 semi-brilliant entrepreneurship or creative sort of ideas every day which you know you won’t ever have the discipline or motivation to take action on. Well, the ideal thing would be to have a few virtual assistants and delegate every task as soon as the idea pops up and you are at your best to explain it.
In my case, and because I can’t even afford a Bangladeshi assistant, and because most of my projects are related to digital marketing and affiliate websites, what I usually do is the following. Let’s say I had a great idea for a new business or website but I’m too intimidated by the idea of taking action on. My solution is taking it step-by-step one day at a time.
So, I got the idea today and I just register the domain and leave it, the day after I do keyword research and leave, the day after I choose a theme and leave it, the next day I design the homepage and leave it, the next day the contact us page, the next day I write an article and leave it, and so on.
That way I accomplish small tasks without either feeling guilty for not taking action nor feeling overwhelmed by the responsibility. So by the end of the day, I have completed about 20 to 30 different little actions in different projects and after a few months, I may start seeing results without losing interest or getting bored by the details of any of the projects.
Right now I am working on 30 websites at the same time, kind of, some are for local businesses, some for amazon affiliate, some for ClickBank, some are blogs for ads, some are online stores, some are my own services, etc and every day I look forward to what I will accomplish the next day, and I’m not afraid of starting a new project while having a few dozen unfinished ones because I know I will get to them sooner or later. And if I never get to them that’s also OK because life is meaningless and I acknowledge the fact that I do as many things as possible every day just to keep myself busy so I won’t think about the fact that I will die.

How to keep everything organized and not forgetting where everything is?

I use a simple excel spreadsheet, and the columns look something like this: first column website address, second domain register, third host, fourth username, fifth, password, then DA on Moz just to keep track of something for the sake of keeping track of something, traffic, etc

And then in another spreadsheet, I keep track of all the projects which are not my own websites but are my own products and services on different websites, for that, I have 3 VPS and they are all a mess with about 30 tabs open in each with dozens of projects I’m too lazy to complete. Here are some screenshots:

Ok, no, there are no screenshots because for some reason I can’t just paste a screenshot directly into a wordpress post, but I would need to open paint, paste it, save it, and then upload it, so instead of some screenshots here’s an image of my dog because I have hundreds of them already on the computer and will sae myself the step to open paint:

how to get more done as an intp
bong gu looking cute


So, the screenshots were supposed to show the 100 plus tabs open, each one with an unfinished project. At the start each VPS was supposed to be very well organized with one email, one pinterest, one reddit, one fiverr, one facebook, on twitter etc, so each time I wrote a new post or added a new product or gig somewhere, then I could just share it everywhere in a few minutes.

It ended up being just random stuff everywhere, which I can’t close because I know the day will come when I will have time for them. To make up for this post uselessness, and to bring it to the grand finale it deserves, here’s another picture of Bong Gu, followed by a phrase that helps me finish (some) of my projects:


productivity tips

“It doesn’t have to be perfect, it has to be finished.”