Every time look at the horizon on the deserts of Australia, or when I see the vast tropical jungles in SE Asia. I can’t help but see all the dinosaurs roaming around freely like they were still here.

Diplodocus eating from those huge palm trees, plesiosaurus swimming in the sea, the pterosaurs surveying the skies and how our planet was, 160.000.000 years ago.

160.000.000 it’s such a large number that I still can’t really feel comfortable thinking about it.

I can imagine the Aztecs, Egyptians, or Sumerians 2.000 or 10.000 years ago and making a huuuge effort i could imagine the neanderthal, man of java or even the Australopithecus 3.000.000 years ago.

I will live maybe 60 more years, so most times I can’t really wrap my head around the concept that some creatures existed in this same place I’m standing right now but 160.000.000 years ago. It’s just too long ago!

But some other times, I can see them, as if they were still here with us at the same time.

Maybe the only reason why I still see them roaming wildly is because they are not here anymore, so I miss them.

Probably if they were still around I wouldn’t pay much attention to them.

I know it’s the cycle of life and they had to die, but I wish they hadn’t, and I wish they were still here with me now…


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