Gone traveling

Bruno: I’m going on a trip, would you like to come with me?

You: Where are you going?
Bruno: It’s a trip to a new place, somewhere only I know. But I could show it to you.
You: But I don’t have money, and I need to work.
Bruno: You don’t need money, not much time either, only a few hours.
You: What kind of trip?
Bruno: It’s a trip of self-discovery, a trip of the mind.
You: oh, so it’s not a real trip…
Bruno: Yes it is, it’s a real trip of the imagination.
You: Fake trip.
Bruno: Not fake and not real either, it is what it is.
You: No, I don’t want to go.
Bruno:  Ok, so no trip.
You: Ok, I go.
Bruno: Ok, first things first, find an empty, dark and quiet room to relax your mind, turn off the lights, phone, fire alarm and…
You: Fire alarm? Why do I need to turn off the fire alarm?
Bruno: So we won’t get disturbed in case of a fire or a drill.
You: I’m not gonna turn it off, what are the chances of that happening?
Bruno: Not many, but we can’t take any chances.
You: Oh, it’s like inception
Bruno: Exactly, great movie, right?

You: It was alright..

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