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Have you noticed how, if you speak more than 2 languages, your personality is quite different depending on the language you are using?

And you can find yourself playing a handful of different characters during the day depending on the language.

In my case, my personality will change something like this:

Spanish: even though it’s my native language I found it utterly difficult to express myself in Spanish. So my personality is usually very shy and quiet around other Spanish speakers. I think everything twice before speaking and I’m often misunderstood.
I’ve probably been neglecting it for some reason and usually feels weird, probably thanks to the awkward experiences I had in Spain where I could never fit in anywhere.

Italian: It feels comfortable, Italians feel like family, so the language makes me feel warm and I can easily open up to anyone in Italian, even just 5 minutes after meeting them. While in Spanish it would take me months to open up to someone.
That’s why Italians will usually perceive me as friendly and approachable while Spanish speakers would think I’m shy and reserved.

English: I’ve somehow managed to ignore all the political issues that being an English speaker brings forth and accepted it as the universal language for international communication.
My head and ideas are in English, I think, dream, and can express my ideas clearly without worrying about being misunderstood, that gives me confidence!
So if you met me as an English speaker (and if you’re reading this chances are you had) then you’ve met the real me.

Japanese: Always shy and respectful, listening more than I talk and being careful not to brag and keep modesty and respect as a priority to communicate with anyone in this language.
Can’t challenge anyone’s ideas, can’t open up to anyone, I just listen and agree with everything the other person says.

German: Feels good also, feels familiar, probably also thanks to the legendary times spent in Germany.

Korean: I don’t really speak much of it, and usually don’t understand what people say, but when they talk to me, I think “oh, this sounds so cute” so I’m sure they’re saying something nice to me and that makes me feel good!

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  1. A language is almost like an actor's costume and script. I'm much more expressive in English, very self conscious if Spanish and totally bumbling in French.

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