Kind of people I would like to hang out with



Would accept: Someone who is not texting, calling or checking their cellphones every 5 minutes.
Ideally: someone who doesn’t have a cellphone.


Would accept: someone who doesn’t smoke in front of me or in public spaces.
Ideally: someone who doesn’t smoke at all.


Would accept: someone who doesn’t get easily offended by delicate subjects or differences of opinions.
Ideally: someone who never gets offended by anything.
Would accept: someone who prefers cheap places to hang out. (street food stalls, video game arcades,)


Ideally: someone who prefers free places to hang out. (library, park, someone’s place)
Would accept: someone who’s not in a rush, have no curfew and can spare a few days to hang out.


Ideally: someone who has no deadline whatsoever and can spare a few months to hang out.
Note: even though I really like being by myself, I must admit that the best times I’ve had were hanging out with the same people non-stop for a few weeks or months.


Would accept: someone who I can play board games or video games with.


Ideally: someone I can play RPG’s with.
Would accept: someone who doesn’t watch TV.


Ideally: someone who doesn’t own a TV.
Would accept: Someone who I can talk to about science and politics.


Ideally: someone who will listen to me for hours mumbles about science or ranting on politics.
Would accept: Someone quiet, who’s comfortable with silence.
Ideally: someone that will understand me without using words.

Would accept: Someone that says what they think and not what other people expect them to say.
Ideally: someone who can criticize me without being afraid of hurting my feelings or offending me.

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