Been a good boy lately, did some exercise, inspired a few people, seeded most of my torrents most of the times, but still don’t feel like I’m making any difference.

I learned the words “chigeopi eopseoyo” something like “I’m unemployed” in Korean, to answer people’s questions. And I remember when I was in Japan and learned the acronym NEET (neeto) which stands for “Not in Employment, Education or Training” so I could accurately explain what my status in the society is.

And I got many laughs, because Japanese and Korean always see foreigners as wealthy and successful, or at least brave enough to leave their countries and make a living abroad. So when they hear some foreigner is unemployed and living abroad they think it’s funny! And most times they say “cool, same as me” and we can laugh together about it or just blame the economy.

I found out it works something like this: when you are in your home country, or where you grew up you have all this pressure, from family, friends, governments and the Illuminati, to make a living, be successful or at least do something, when you’re abroad is the opposite. You are expected to be relaxed because you don’t really know what’s going on, you don’t understand the news or the politics and usually can barely manage to get around.

You can do whatever you want and it’s cool because you’re “traveling” and no one really cares much about what you do or don’t do.

Unemployed in your home country = loser
Unemployed abroad = funny!

And yes, sure, you don’t feel like you contribute much to the society, you don’t pay taxes to support all the corrupt politicians, their armies, and nuclear weapons.
You don’t contribute much to the waste of resources for the production of useless goods we don’t need and the destruction of our planet.
You don’t get stressed and give away your life, your time and your health, so that other people above you can get even richer than they are.

But it’s still cool, you get to hang out with other unemployed people, usually at odd times of the day in odd places, you get to read lots of fanfics and you get to write stuff like this so that in 10 years from now you can read it and say: “Bruno, what a waste of talent! What were you thinking? You were so smart, you should have been inventing a time machine or something!!!”

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