Winter is here


Some time ago I realized if I wanted to keep having this lifestyle I would have to make some sacrifices and clothes was one of them.

Long distance walking/cycling/hitchhiking, trespassing, dumpster diving, squatting, treasure hunting, outdoor sleeping, and changing CS hosts every week for a year or more couldn’t be done with a 10 kg backpack or luggage.

For optimum flexibility, it had to be reduced to 4 kg or less. And it had to be a day pack, so I don’t look like a tourist and can blend in places like libraries, shopping malls, restaurants, parks, or anywhere you can find free food, bathroom, internet and a place to crash, which is usually everything you need.


But the laptop is already 1kg, and if I didn’t have it I wouldn’t be able to send couch requests, that means I would have to sleep outside. I usually also need water which is like half a kilo, that leaves 2.5 for 3 pairs of underwear, 2 pairs of socks, a spare shirt and some mortal combat action figures.



In winter I would have to wear everything I have and in summer I would have to get rid of the winter stuff.

Small price to pay for the flexibility of going anywhere, anytime, sleeping everywhere and not damaging my spine. Sounds Smart, logical, practical, and the most important thing is that it fits my lifestyle.

When this winter came in Korea, I had to find some winter clothes, right? But I couldn’t buy them new, because that would be adding more pain to the planet, because of the massive waste of resources it is required to produce and transport all those new stuff, while most people have many jackets and things they don’t need and don’t use. Everyone has a spare jacket or jumper and are usually happy when I ask them because it means I trust them. Is not that I’m broke or anything, just trying to save the planet you know.

In the downside, being flexible means you have to wear anything you can get your hands on, either you like the color, or not, it’s too big or too small or infested with fleas. This year was good though, I asked my friend Taekyung which I had known for a while so I knew would be happy to help me and was quite clean, so hopefully no body lice this year.


See you guys next year!

So she showed up with a jacket and a pullover, I tried them on and was like “how are YOU doing? 😉 ”

People started to notice me more, especially female people, on the street and on the train girls were looking at me, and when I noticed it they would look away or look down shyly. I knew what that meant because that’s what I’d do when there’s very cute girl, and if they were in groups they would look at me and giggle.
It was the jacket! it had to be the jacket, right?

I think it was the fact that it was quite fluffy so it did a good job in hiding my skinny arms, so when I looked in the mirrors of the subway station I thought “so handsome!!” and then I came back to myself and realized how shameless I was. Always preaching about spirituality and self-development, saying I want to be more modest and humble and beauty is on the inside and then admiring myself in the mirrors, so hypocritical!

but now I’m feeling myself again, kinda, or maybe I think too much.


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