The necklace

So, anyway““` we decided to take the loot back to town, so we can get experience for it^^ stupid rules&&&, so we get the experience and we go for drunken debauchery as usual.

We bought tons of alcohol and gamble the rest of the gold~~~ well, {it was such a crazy night}, but I don’t think I can write that here\\\\\\

We learned about the history of the caves, about the crazy wizard and we learned that no one has ever returned from them alive, so yeeeah..! We freaked out.

After that night we all got separated of course! and did crazy things on our own >.<

One of the guys won lots of money//other slept with a random girl, who ended up being a princess of some kind, who eventually fell in love providing him with a way into the royal family!!!@_@ Crazy right!?

Other guy got seriously injured and me, I woke up in my room and found that I had somehow acquired what it seems to be a very expensive necklace, I think I stole, but I’m not sure o_o

So, what to do?! what to do?!

…I went around town…

…Asked around…

…But nothing…

No one knew anything about the necklace :(((((

So we got reunited with the rest of the group, and stare at the big, huge, amazing castle! in the center of the village. There were setting things up for the wedding, Whoo-hoo!!!

We tried to remember what had happened last night… but none of us could remember anything!! so we go back to the bar to drink again-_-u booyaka, and suddenly a guy starts shouting at us, saying something about the necklace///and i knew it was his///but when i showed it to him he said it belonged to his wife///and accused me of stealing it///drew his sword and things got serious;;;;;///;;;;;;; HE WAS CHARGING TOWARDS ME!!!! so my friend tried to defend me////and they started fighting===(I was so worried!) and finally… my friend killed the guy****by accident/// the royal guards came/// and arrested him for killing that guy///and me for stealing that necklace****

they took us to the castle cells—-
***and the rest of our friends***went to our rescue&&& they just stayed in the bar~~~~stayed there~and had some awkward beers without us***

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