You: Hey Bruno, how are you?  How is Korea?

Me: Hey! Yeah, not bad. korea’s awesome!
You: so… what’s up with this, you decided to write a blog? How come?
Me: well, It often happens that I meet someone new and after we talk for a while, they ask me if I have a blog or I write about travels or about me, a diary or something, and usually my answer would go something like:
  -“not interested, have no time”
 -“my life is quite boring actually, I just play video games all day”
-“can’t read, I’m illiterate” (then ask for some spare change)
-“I’m not good at writing, wouldn’t know what to write about”
-“who would care about my life” and then they say -“I would care, that’s why I’m asking you, duh!”
And they have a point of course, but I think I wouldn’t read about someone like me, so why would they?
Lately, though many people who read my comments in forums or groups said I had a gift for writing and I should work on it, so I decided to give it a try.
You: cool! And what do expect to get out of it?
Me: Maybe something like a therapy– to let things out, you know, so new things can come in–try to take an objective look at my life–self-criticism (hopefully)—maybe learn to laugh at myself a bit more—kill some time—improve writing/editing skills—avoid responsibilities (like I needed an excuse for that!) and maybe even get to know myself a bit better.
You: What is a morphing jar?
Me: a card in yu-gi-oh
You: What is yu-gi-oh?
Me:  an anime, trading card game, video game
You: what’s an “anime”???
Me: Japanese cartoon, like Pokemon.
You: oh, you’re a bit of a geek aren’t you?
Me: well… a bit.


You: are you gonna write about Pokemon on your blog?


Me: probably yes, sometimes, but not just about Pokemon.
You: are you gonna write about your sex life?
Me: probably not.
You: why not? Are you gay?
Me: what??? No, what makes you think that?
You: well, every time I see you, you are wearing pink, giggling, talking and acting like a girl. You don’t like sports, you hang out with girls, wear accessories, you like pop music and I think last week you were wearing makeup.
Me:  Makeup? No way!
You: ok, I made the last one up, but the other ones are true.
Me: I get that a lot actually, but maybe I’m confident enough about my sexuality that I don’t need to play by society standards or stereotypes and I can just do whatever I want.
You: ..or maybe you’re gay.
Me: maybe.

Note: Morphing Jar was the name chosen when I decided to write, but then I changed it for Bruno’s public diary, anyone knows why?

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  1. I liked your blog posts a lot Bruno. When you're writing about yourself you write as well as anyone I've read before. So I hope you keep writing and writing! You have a natural gift for communicating. I can imagine people who've never met you enjoying your posts.

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