About my books

First Book: 


Second Book:


About Ria:

She’s who I wish I were.


About Gwen:

She’s who I really am.


About Bruno and Bong Gu:

It all really happened.



About death:

There’s this recurrent, almost lingering theme that death is around us all, always. That’s how I always feel. Existence is scary. Even though I still manage to wake up every morning and pull myself together, being alive is terrifying and writing is a way to deal with it.


About ayahuasca: 

It all really happened.


About writing: 

Everything was written while on the road, sometimes I rented rooms for a few weeks, sometimes it was hotels, sometimes couchsurfer’s houses, buses, eateries and a few week-long boat rides in the Amazonas. 


About formatting: 

I tried scrivener and johto but neither worked very well for me, then I tried e-calibre and found it much easier and neat.


About book covers:

I chose my favorite scenes and send them to a professional artist from Fiverr together with an exact description of the characters and what I had in mind. The artist did a great job both times and then I sent them to someone else from Fiverr to give it color and then I added the book title and my name on Paint and used an online service to add pixels to it so that it would meet 1400 pixel criteria to be accepted into most publishing websites.


About promotions:

I used Canva and facebook ads for everything.


About finances:

I’m still a few hundred dollars down and didn’t even manage to break even but it was totally worth it and I would do it all over again anytime.


About motivation: 

I have never had a problem finding motivation because writing is my hobby, not my job, so I write when I want to and because I want to.


About music:

Some music I listen to while writing action scenes.

Some music I listen to while writing relaxing scenes.

Some music I listen to while writing dialogues.

Some music I listen to while writing about traveling.


About social media:

I’m only active on instagram, I seldom use facebook, have no twitter, and rely heavily on pinterest for inspiration and information.


About my lifestyle:

I teach English and Spanish online through Skype and that’s what pays for all the bills, living and travel expenses. In my free time, I dance, drink beer, eat pizza, play video games, read, and write at home.



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