My personal road to passive income

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go blind little bit little over a slow period of time?

That’s what retinitis pigmentosa does to you. And that’s the reason this was a stupid idea —-> My Road to Entrepreneurship, and how I wasted almost two years of my life pursuing entrepreneurship ventures instead of focusing on generating passive income.

In my case, it’s not like” “I’m super lazy and never want to work again. so I need to create passive income” my case is more like: “I’m literally going to be blind in a few more years, so even all those things I mentioned in the other post like running 100 Instagram accounts, selling on Fiverr , reselling stuff or creating a marketing agency. They are all things I won’t be able to keep doing in a few years even if I wanted to because I will be blind, so my time is better spent working on creating sources of income that won’t require me to be able to see in order to maintain them.

It would have been really stupid for me to spend years building a business or pursuing a business model only to abandon it in a few years because I can’t see the computer screen.

This will be my attempt to convey what I learned on my journey trying to generate passive income but before we continue, here’s a (bad) picture of Bong Gu because this post is getting a bit too serious and scary.

my journey to generate passive income


How did I start?

Some time ago, I read this book:



And it really is as good as they say, I then I realized Reddit and Youtube were probably the only sites on the internet worth spending my time on. I joined this Reddit suboard and watched Every Youtube video of a channel called Income school, really, every single video, and I also watched every video on their course, then I watched every video of Dan Lok, and I especially found his seminar videos really helpful:

Even though I think he’s a sociopath, I have actually learned a lot from him and got inspired to start marketing myself as a teacher and recognizing the value I can provide to my customers and why I’m the best at what I do. Oh, and the guys from income school are total psychopaths, which is a step further than sociopaths, but I’m OK with that, because I’m not looking to learn morality or life lessons from them, their job is to teach me blogging and marketing, that’s it.

I then took a course on copywriting, and a few SEO and content marketing (this one is almost as triggered as dan lok) courses, the best one is here.

After that, it was just a matter of putting things into practice.


What surprised me the most about passive income:

I was really surprised to see how little competition and activity was on the passive income forums. It turned out that about 90% of the people are not interested in neither entrepreneurship, passive income or diversifying their income sources. 90% of the people want to find a job, get hired so that they can depend on others for their livelihood and so that if they get fired, or whatever else happens they have nothing else going for them, and also so that they can help a government, corporation or individual earn a lot of money while they earn a little.

Of the 10% remaining, only about one-twentieth are interested in passive income, the other 9.5% are interested in entrepreneurship. And for you to check those numbers here’s a link to R/entrepreneur which has almost 600k members, while r/passive_income has a bit over 30k.


Why is that?

I have no idea really, but if I had to guess I´d say it’s because society follows trends, both in real life and online. Some of the real-life trends these days are CBD, Crossfit, yoga, meditation, vegan and healthy or organic food, anything keto, entrepreneurship, open offices, 3d printing, clean energy, standing desks and co-work spaces. And some of the trends online are dropshipping with Shopify, Instagram influencers, digital marketing agencies and maybe blogging. And it’s probably just a matter of time until passive income becomes a trend.


What things did I try?


I first put out a few books on Amazon KDP, about 10 of them, just to see what happened. I wasn’t expecting anything to happen really but was just really curious. Nothing happened with them but it was a good learning experience.

I acquired 28 Facebook groups and tried to use them to promote affiliate offers, here’s the list of my groups:

Facebook is a toxic place, and people shouldn’t be using it.

I know that much, and I wouldn’t use for personal purposes, for a striving affiliate marketer, on the other hand, there may be some value to posting on facebook.

What else?

After that, I spent about a month uploading 100 designs, to redbubble, society6, and teespring. and a few to an etsy shop. Between the 4 of them I think I made like $2.
I made this website, to try and promote affiliate offers and it made $5 in 6 months.
I made about 20 Youtube videos and they are all still on private because I never got around to spend 3 hours doing the keyword and tag research and writing the descriptions, it was then I realized making Youtube videos is easy the hardest part is editing and uploading them, as Google is not going to automatically recongnie what your video is about, you need to fill like 100 fields and know exactly what keywords people are searching for and which ones have low competition and spend hours writing descriptions and including links, and adding subtitles, thumbnail, end image, etc.


Where are things now?

About two months ago, I grabbed my headlamp, a map, and took Bong Gu on a trip deep into the Reddit hole, I mean rabbit hole that is the project 24 of income school business model. Their strategy is to set up a website, write 30 posts optimized for keywords you find on google autosuggest and then promote them on Pinterest, Reddit, and youtube. It’s a long arduous project but I am, in one way or another, doing what I like which is writing, creating content, designing, learning, and maybe in a year or two getting some little money from it. So here goes where my sites based on the Income School model stand at this point.


Site 1: Peru Sabe 

This as back when I was learning how to find and buy powerful expired domain which was already ranking on google for some keywords and had many backlinks. I found one for an old Peruvian TV show and made it my money site (that’s how they call a site you care about). Oh and also, I’ve been to more places in Peru than anyone you have ever met and have some fond memories of our time there, so and that makes writing about it easier.


Site 2: Truck Dashcam

Because if you know me, you may also know I’ve ridden more trucks than any other person you know. More than 100, while hitchhiking in South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Not really something to be proud of actually, but I did learn a thing or two about trucks and spent way too long talking to truck drivers, so I’m somehow qualified to write about their dashcams.


Site 3: Gymnastics Bars

If you knew me back when I was 17, you may have known I had a crush on a girl who was a gymnast, oh, well actually you probably didn’t know because I was too shy to tell anyone, but anyway, I did and that feeling of innocent and pure love is still there somewhere in the corner of my mind (if I were to assume the mind is a real thing.) and even though I never practiced gymnastics I do somehow enjoy writing about it.


Site 4: Peru VS.

Soccer is the stupidest thing ever, and the only reason I have this site is because the keyword Peru vs was way more popular than all the Peru travel-related keywords I was finding on my research for my site and also because there’s this Venezuelan guy I feel sorry for, so I outsourced some of the articles to him as an excuse to give him some money and so that he would feel useful.


Site 5: Lavender lotion.

I do not know why I started this site, maybe I was bored, but anyway, I’m somehow impartial towards lavender lotions, I don’t like them but I don’t mind them either and that’s kind of useful because I can see it as a job, but not something that’s painful to write about.

Site 6: Marry Me Minnesota 

Because I was trying something called, the “ran and rent” business model, where you rank a site and rent it to businesses in that area.


Site 7: Car wheel covers.

This one has just started, so I’m not sure what’s gonna happen with it yet.


Oh, I also learned some cute formatting tricks like this line right here. I have no idea what’s the purpose of this line, it’s just a line I guess.



And let’s end up this post with a meme just so that I can take a deep breath and remind myself everything I just wrote is pure stupidity and everything I did is a waste of my talent and a product of me failing to escape society and still being part of a failed system which is based on people doing meaningless, stupid things because reality is too scary, and one way to make it slightly less scary is by keeping ourselves super busy working 12 hours a day so we won’t think deeply about things.


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