The best advice I have ever received

“There are 200 countries out there”

Is by far the best advice I have never received but wished I had. Well, actually I have received it later in life, but from myself. I wish it was it has been given to me by a family member, a friend or by an old Chinese wizard living in a remote location, but that wasn’t the case because the best advice comes from within. Because no one knows us better than we know ourselves.
Countless times when I was young, I felt like dying, I felt that my life had no purpose and everything was negative. Life was hard, people were cruel and I couldn’t see a way out of it. That was the time when I needed someone to come to me and tell me:
“So what? There are 200 countries out there, just start over elsewhere. And if that elsewhere doesn’t work just try again and keep trying until you make it. There are no 10 or 20, there are 200. That’s a really big number, the possibilities are endless, be realistic and understand you are not confined to the place where you were born, you are relatively free to live and travel anywhere you want.”
Realistically speaking there’s absolutely nothing that could prevent me to fly out of this country tonight and start a new life somewhere else tomorrow. The only constraints are of course those we make ourselves up. Excuses to keep feeling sorry for ourselves instead of taking action.