Doing nothing

People often ask you what are you doing. Or they want you to do something. I don’t mean like work but yeah, they also always want you to work, a lot. They want you to be like a hamster Running in it’s his wheel.

There is an art about doing Nothing and not feeling guilty about it. Because people usually want to make you feel guilty if you do nothing.

To the point where we are not human beings anymore, We’re human doers, Human goers, human thinkers.
We’re always doing something, going somewhere, thinking about something.

Why not just being for a change? And if people ask you what are you doing You can say you’re just watching the trees grow, And you can’t move because if you move you may miss it.

We feel like we don’t own our life anymore, Other people own it, We do, think and say things just because other people want us to. Or because we think they do.

But how many people you know that just want you to be happy? don’t want you to be someone, Have something, do something.
I do. So that’s at least one person.

That’s why My dream is to be a pilgrim, a wanderer, a vagrant, and just walk, Not trying to be Someone or something, Getting rid of the self, getting rid of the me, the I and the mine. And just being.

You know, just walking and enjoying freedom, Not having to worry about where will you sleep tonight, or What will you eat, What other people think of you Or what you think of yourself.

Being the sole owner of my life and thoughts.
I have worked, thought and done enough in my life, so now It’s time for peace.

Walking all around South America With my dog, You know left looks nice so we can go left, If right looks better we go right, Or we could just stay here, they’re all good options.

Just walking and enjoying the view, Not having to get anywhere or accomplish anything anymore.

And if people ask us where are we going we can say we’re just walking.

Mc Fly says Latin America is very dangerous, But I think it’s ok, we have to die sometime anyway, we better die happy, doing something we like.

Whatever the consequences are we have to do what we have to do, So that we have no regrets in our death bed, Because In the end, it doesn’t really matter if we live or die what’s important is that we are proud of how we lived.



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