List of excuse people use:For smoking and giving second-hand smoke to non-smokers:

– All my friends smoke
– I’ve been smoking since I was xxx years
– It’s my only pleasure in life / It’s my only vice
– I may stop in the future but right now I need it
– It helps me relax
– Chinese government needs my tax money
– It’s just a bad habit
– It’s my life, I do what I want

To stay in a destructive or abusive relationship:

– I am hoping he will change in the future
– He’s just having a bad day
– We’ve been through so much together
– I still love him
– He’s good to the children
– I don’t want to be alone

To not going traveling or doing what you really want to do:

– I’m too young / too old
– I don’t have enough money
– I won’t be able to find a job in another country
– I can’t speak their language
– It’s too cold / hot there
– I will miss my family / my family will miss me
– People will think I am not a productive member of society

To eat or cause some harm to the animals:

– They taste so good
– I need protein
– They are just animals
– I have been eating meat all my life
– We are omnivores, look at our teeth
– It’s the way society works

To do terrible things, such as politicians, police, soldiers, business people or corporations causing harm or inconvenience to people or the environment.

– That’s the way the world works
– That’s human nature
– I like the taste of fresh blood
– I’m just doing what I’m told
– That’s how our economy works



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