Intro to people from couchsurfing

I got that other list you ask me about.

The list of sexual partners?

Eh, no, hm… the list of travelers I’ve met over the years.

I wasn’t serious that day, we had a lot to drink and I was just brainstorming, please don’t tell me you made a list with tens of thousands of names.

I figured that wouldn’t be possible, but… I also found that most people I’ve met had suspiciously similar characteristics, and based on these similarities it was possible to group them all up into 5 major categories. This is the analysis of all the information I’ve gathered during a 10-year long research, which started when I joined in early 2007.

That would be 9 years.

I know, but 10 years sounds more impressive.

I don’t like the way this is going, are you going to manipulate the information you’ve “gathered” to make it sound impressive?

I won’t, you’re right, only cold hard facts from now on.

Good, so let me get this straight, you’re somehow going to divide the tens of thousands of people you’ve met during your travels into 5 categories.

That’s right, all the faces, names, personalities, and backgrounds of everyone I’ve met the last 10 years into…

9 years.

Right, into 5 groups, and a systematically detailed description of each and one of them.

Sounds like your generalizations will get many people offended again today.

haters gonna hate?

Yeah, sorry, we don’t use that one anymore either.


Nor that one.

It’s like we are from different planets.


That one we can still use?

Oops, let’s stay focused here, you were saying…

So much pressure!

Yeah, there’s like this tension in the air now.

You blew it, so you’llĀ  have to wait until tomorrow to read more.

Oh, come on don’t be so childish.

See you tomorrow.

You’re gonna make me beg?

Au revoir.



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